Bronze Code: 868
Height: 25.6 In
Width: 10.2 In
Weight: 35.3 LBs


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Experience the timeless allure of fine artistry with our Large Cabinet Sculpture, an intricate rendering of a young girl dancing an ethnic dance. Crafted on the model of a renowned European sculptor, this exquisite cabinet sculpture, measuring approximately 65cm and weighing 16kg, embodies artistic excellence.

One of the most startling facets of this masterwork lies in its detailed depiction of the dancer. The artist magically captures the vivacious movements of the barefoot girl dancing joyfully, her complex, flowing dress swirling around her with an almost lifelike vitality. The intricate detailing of the facial features, the creases of the dress, and the minute yet significant characteristics of the ethnic dance transport viewers to a vibrant cultural spectacle.

This large cabinet sculpture also stands out for its finesse. Each feature, from the girl's expressive eyes to the dynamic motion of her dress, is sculpted with meticulous attention to detail, reflecting the artist's dedicated craftsmanship and unique interpretive skills. Compared to the 'Dancing with a Tambourine' sculpture in our store, this artwork offers an immersive, grander spectacle, justifying its premium price tag.

By bringing home this captivating figurine, you're not just adding a work of art to your décor; you're also embracing a piece of rich cultural heritage and the imaginative world of a treasured European sculptor. This large, intricate cabinet sculpture is a testament to the beauty of ethnic dance and the sheer genius of its creator.