Bronze Code: 837
Height: 12.6 In
Width: 24.4 In
Weight: 23.4 LBs


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Ancient mysticism and modern artistry breathe life into this impressively crafted Large Shaolin Monks Duel Sculpture for your interiors. Whether you're an aficionado of Asian history, an admirer of martial arts, or a collector of exquisite artifacts, this unique creation is a must-have masterpiece that thrives in the intersection of these unique worlds.

This striking piece, spanning an impressive 62cm in length, is an artistic interpretation of the iconic Shaolin monks locked in an intense duel. Each figure, meticulously crafted in pure bronze weighing over 10kg, exhibits the warriors' superhuman strength and prowess. The sculpture captures the sacred martial art form in its most raw and energized form, truly reflecting the monks' mastery of Qi and their ability to perform unimaginable feats such as breaking spears with their necks.

The vibrant and dynamic work is a tribute to the timeless strength and spirit of the Shaolin monks. The sculpture's volumes and shapes, saturated with expression, bring to life the muscle tension, the focused determination, and the sheer intensity of the duel. The intricacies and depth in the design convey the indomitable spirit of the Shaolin monks and their relentless pursuit of martial excellence.

This high-quality, bronze sculpture adds a touch of refined brutality to your space. The realism and detail in the piece bring a sense of authenticity and historical relevance, turning it into a real conversation starter. A testament to the superior craftsmanship and artistic genius, this sculpture has the potential to both elevate the aesthetics of your interior and become a cherished keepsake for generations to come.