Bronze Code: 1390
Height: 20.1 In
Width: 15.4 In
Weight: 13.7 LBs


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Sophisticate your space with our grandly-scaled, wall-mounted vintage candle holder. Crafted from a generous 6.2 kg of pure bronze, this magnificent decoration piece is a recreation of a timeless model from the beginning of the 20th century. With a large size of 51cm, it commands attention and pulls the eye to the wall it adorns.

The vintage, wall-mounted candle holder is not just a decor piece; it's a key to memory lane, taking you back to a bygone era when craft was handmade, decisions were unhurried and each piece bore the unique imprint of its maker. This candle holder happens to carry no author mark, its origin still being a part of the unfathomable mystery.

Functioning beyond its decorative duty, this candle holder serves a practical purpose too. It securely holds a candle atop its robust structure, drawing the visual appeal of a natural flame into the room. A significant perk of this candle-cum-decor piece is the special atmosphere it can create. When a candle is lit on it, the flickering flame dances merrily on the walls, whispering tales from yesteryears that mesmerize and engulf the surroundings with an aura of intrigue and charm.

Choosing this vintage wall-mounted candle holder made from pure bronze is an idyllic way to blend yesterday's sophistication with today's modern aesthetics. It is a standout piece of decor that fuses old world charm with contemporary functionality, a testimony to the timeless appeal of vintage designs. So, bring home this piece of history and let its charm cast a warm, nostalgic glow in your space today!