Bronze Code: 1389
Height: 28.3 In
Width: 10.2 In
Weight: 30.9 LBs


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Transport yourself back in time with our meticulous recreation of large, 72cm, Vesta-inspired interior candlesticks. These relics of the past are based on the designs of candlesticks manufactured at the dawn of the 20th century, offering an authentic taste of vintage decor. These exclusive candlesticks are more than just light sources - they represent a love for antiquity, detail, and delicate work.

The candelabra itself, adorned with an intricate and complex ornament, has been handled with special care and attention. Each horn is securely screwed on and not soldered or welded, adding to the authenticity and durability of the candlesticks. The flexible parts allow you to adjust and personalize the setup, a feature echoing the true essence of real vintage items.

Standing as the base of these unique candlesticks is a figurine that embodies the grandiose spirit of the past. Depicting a priestess of the goddess Vesta, she bears the heavy candelabra stem on her fragile shoulder. This thoughtful design adds a touch of elegance and sophistication to the overall appearance of these candlesticks.

The magic, however, does not stop here! When you light up these candles, the natural flicker coupled with such distinctive candlesticks creates a desirable ambiance. They become guests from the past, bringing a comforting and charming environment that appreciates history and the art of creating a captivating atmosphere.

Kindly note that these exquisite candlesticks are sold exclusively in pairs. The dimensions provided pertain to a single candlestick, which weighs in at a pair. Bring home this piece of history and let the art of the past adorn your home today!