Bronze Code: 435
Height: 4.7 In
Width: 2.4 In
Weight: 0.9 LBs


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Celebrate world literature and commemorates the unparalleled influence of a literary maestro with this meticulously designed bust of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. Small in size for ease of display, every curve and chiseled feature of this masterpiece reflects a harmonious interplay of subtlety executed with incredible detail. Symbolizing the immense influence of Pushkin, this bust is a perfect tribute to the man who shaped the course of Russian literature.

Crafted from highly durable materials, the bust captures the essence of the legendary Russian poet and writer, testified by the supreme quality it is graced with. Every aspect of the bust, from its lifelike detailing to its reassuring weight, speaks volumes about its high-grade craftsmanship. This carefully curated piece lets you pay homeage to Alexander Pushkin, not only considered the greatest Russian poet but also a significant figure in world literature.

The esteemed stature of the poet is elegantly presented on a light-green stone stand, adding a dash of grandeur. The user is to experience a piece of Russia's rich literary heritage right in their home or office. The juxtaposition of the bust's earthly tones against the light green of the pedestal adds depth to this masterpiece. It indeed forms a stunning display that sparks conversation and evokes admiration.

This rendition of Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin's bust throbs with the soul of Russia's literary scene. The author's timeless appeal and his contribution to the creation of the Russian literary language make this sculptural piece truly significant. For every lover of literature, Russian heritage, and beautiful artistic expressions, this Alexander Pushkin bust is an extraordinary blend of art, history, and love for language!