Bronze Code: 437
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 4.7 LBs


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Our product is a remarkable piece of art, crafted by the talented Gorin. The bust, dated from the year 1972, exhibits the iconic figure of the famous Russian poet, Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin. At 22cm in size, it's a rather large and imposing sculpture that is sure to attract the attention of any cultural enthusiast or art collector.

The bust presents Pushkin in his natural habitat - passionately engrossed in his work. Every detail of the sculptor is meticulously crafted, from Pushkin's intense gaze down to his expressive hands, immortalizing the moment of pure inspiration that has birthed some of the world's most profound literature.

What makes this statue so special is the obvious influence of the characteristic Soviet school of modeling. This style is discernible in the intricate details and realistic depictions that Gorin has labored to incorporate, making it a valuable heirloom for those interested in Soviet-era art.

Alexander Sergeevich Pushkin, whose life spanned from 1799-1837, stands tall as the greatest Russian poet and writer. As the founder of modern Russian literature and the architect of the Russian literary language, his contributions to the cultural sphere are immense. This bust serves as a tangible tribute to his immense talent and lasting legacy.

As an ode to the legendary poet and a representation of Soviet era sculpting, this bust, created by Gorin, bears more than just artistic value. It represents a piece of history, a symbol of national pride and reverence for a man whose work has been a cornerstone in shaping Russian literature.