Bronze Code: 288
Height: 4.5 In
Width: 3.3 In
Weight: 1.8 LBs


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Combining the allure of historical intrigue and the unique beauty of vintage aesthetics, our newly unveiled series of antique-stylized busts are a sought-after addition to any classic home decor or collection. Created specifically for lovers of vintage style and history buffs, these superbly crafted busts are an ode to the timeless charm of antique artistry.

Our collection of busts are not just admired for their aesthetic appeal - they are famed for their hefty weight, rough yet elegantly reported modeling style, and a distinctive aged color that exudes an intriguing sense of nostalgia. Each piece in our collection can transform your room into a mini-museum, enhancing its nostalgic vibe with a vintage touch.

A crowning jewel in this collection is the bust of G. K. Zhukov, revered as one of the most prominent and renowned commanders of the Great Patriotic War. His extraordinary strategies and indomitable spirit played a crucial role in many of the heralded victories during this historic war. A bust of such a resolute personality not only adds vintage beauty but also stands as a symbol of resilience and courage in your home or office decor.

Our Zhukov bust, like the grand commander himself, stands distinguished and extraordinary, a beautiful tribute to a historic icon. It's a tangible representation of bravery and strategic genius, perfect for personal collections, thoughtful gifts, or unique decorative pieces. A stunning memento of history, a symbol of enduring courage and an artifact of timeless beauty - all rolled into one magnificent bust. Our G. K. Zhukov bust is indeed an embodiment of classic artistry and historic splendor.