Bronze Code: 284
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 2.3 LBs


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Draw inspiration, honor, and admiration into your space with the expertly crafted large bust of Marshal Georgy Konstantinovich Zhukov, one of the most renowned commanders of the Great Patriotic War and a four-time Hero of the Soviet Union. Crafted by acclaimed artist Bagranov, this high-quality bust encapsulates Zhukov's incredible inspiration, determination, and courage, making it an ideal centerpiece for living or study rooms, or a striking addition to any collection of military memorabilia.

Georgy Zhukov, the key figure in some of the most pivotal victories in the Great Patriotic War, remains a symbol of heroism and military mastery. Holder of two Orders of Victory and numerous other prestigious Soviet and foreign orders and medals, Zhukov's reputation for leadership and bravery stand unparalleled. This bust is a tribute to his courage, leadership, and indomitable spirit, celebrated not just in Russia but around the world.

This product also makes an excellent gift choice for military enthusiasts, historians, and anyone with a particular interest in Georgian heroes. Impeccable attention to detail, high-quality materials, and an unerring likeness to the legendary general make this large bust a treasured possession and a testament to the unparalleled artistry of Bagranov.

Be it a gift for a loved one, a token of respect and reminiscence for a veteran, or a valuable addition to a collection of military figurines, this large bust of Zhukov stands as a lasting symbol of admiration for one of the greatest military leaders in world history.

Embrace the glory and history of the Great Patriotic War, and pay homage to its heroes with this large bust of Georgy Zhukov by Bagranov. Order yours today, and let the valor of this great leader inspire you every day.