Bronze Code: 309
Height: 6.1 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 1.5 LBs


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This captivating art piece displays the ingenious craftsmanship of the notable French sculptor, Jamet. Known for creating a series of busts featuring the commanders of the White Army, Jamet’s work is heavily influenced by his close friendship with Denikin – another noteworthy personality of the era who emigrated to France. Jamet’s keen aesthetic sense and unwavering commitment to capturing the stirring truths of his time is evident in this particular 1936 model.

The exquisite bust in discussion is a tribute to Baron Pyotr Nikolaevich Wrangel. Wrangel was a Russian military commander and one of the key leaders of the White Movement during the Civil War. Born in 1878 and passing away in 1928, Wrangel left behind a rich legacy that is encapsulated beautifully by Jamet in this bust.

Often addressed as the 'Black Baron', Wrangel was known for his daily attire - a black Cossack Circassian embellished with gazyrs. This distinctive uniform lends the bust a historical depth, making it not only a marvelous piece of art but also a direct link to a thrilling, albeit tumultuous, past.

The bust offers history enthusiasts and artifact collectors an opportunity to own a piece embodying a significant era of Russian history. It represents the meticulous detailing and creativity of Jamet’s sculpting era with personal anecdotes of Wrangel’s life. The 1936 model is a testimony to art's role in keeping history alive throughout the decades.