Bronze Code: 453
Height: 4.9 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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Experience the richness of detail and outstanding quality in our intricately designed bust of Sergey Yulievich Witte. Our divine piece of art vividly portrays every minute attribute of this great Russian statesman and economist - from his striking facial features to the awards he won during his illustrious career.

S.Y. Witte (1849-1915) is renowned for his distinctive, sometimes paradoxical character, and eventful life, which our artisans have brilliantly captured with keen precision. An underdog in the world of polity, Witte did a remarkable leap from a minor clerical functionary to Russia's top ministerial positions. This admirably crafted bust captures his extraordinary journey throw a turbulent epoch in the history of Russia.

Every facial line, every wrinkle, every characteristic spell out excellent craftsmanship. His features are meticulously imprinted, reflecting the distinct quality of the work put into creating this masterpiece. Exceptional attention to details is a significant highlight of this lifelike piece, which mirrors the great statesman's robust personality and his magnetic charisma.

A product of high-quality, this running-size bust is an exemplary representation of Witte's many facets and his rise to pinnacles of power amidst a nation on the brink of a revolution. For followers of historical figures, Russian history buffs or fine collectors of exquisite art pieces, this bust is a must-add to their cherished collection.