Bronze Code: 255
Height: 7.1 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 2.3 LBs


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This product is an insightful exploration into the socio-political fabric of the former Soviet Union, focusing on the All-Russian Union of Cooperative Associations of Fine Art Workers and its impact on Soviet Art from 1928 through 1953. The rich narrative picks up from the early 1930s, a period widely regarded as a time of maturation in the realm of the Soviet art. It lends a unique perspective on the evolution of art in the USSR during some of the most turbulent times in world history.

A central theme of the narrative is the colossal influence wielded by Joseph Vissarionovich Stalin. As one of the largest figures in world history, his lasting impact is viewed not only through the lens of how it shaped the destiny of the Soviet people but his far-reaching effects on humanity at large. The narrative delves deep into the ideological nuances of Stalin's reign and their reflection in the art produced during this period.

The product is the work of an acclaimed historian. The author brings forth a well-researched, nuanced take shedding light on little-known aspects of the artistic growth under the influence of the Stalin administration. Their scholarly acumen ensures a balanced portrayal of the time, making it a must-read for history aficionados, art enthusiasts, or anyone keen on learning about the intricate ship of Soviet Union's artistic journey during the Stalin era.