Bronze Code: 303
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 4.7 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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Inspire your space with a piece of Russian history. This is not just a statue. It's a tribute to Mikhail Dmitrievich Skobelev, a noteworthy figure inscribed profoundly in Russian history. This bust is of exceptional quality, size, and weight, sure to draw the eye and spark conversation amongst observers. Skobelev's bust makes for a distinct, educational, and prestigious addition to your home or office, a cherished historical relic for history aficionados or Russian culture enthusiasts.

Mikhail Dmitrievich Skobelev, born 1843, died 1882, was an eminent Russian general and a national hero who still resonates today. He was universally loved and remembered as the liberator of the Balkan Slavs, a valiant cavalryman, and a proficient commander. Moreover, he made his lasting mark in the Central Asian conquests in the glorious era of the Russian Empire and played an instrumental role in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-1878. A telling testament of his courage and bravery was his liberation of Bulgaria. He's etched in our records as 'the White General,' a moniker he received for his conspicuous appearances in battles sporting a white uniform and riding a white horse.

Skobelev's bust is an emotional tribute to this national hero. It's a stunningly faceted ornament that skillfully encapsulates Skobelev's unwavering resolve and steadfast leadership. Every detail, right down to the replications of his military uniform, is meticulously and thoughtfully sculpted, contributing to a strikingly lifelike and menacing representation. Owning this bust is akin to bringing a piece of proud Russian history into your living room. More than just a decorative item, it's a statement piece that carries a profound historical context.

There's more than meets the eye to the Skobelev's bust. It's about honoring a national icon, a symbol of strength and persistence, and an enduring reminder of a glorious era in Russian history. The bust is a magnificent tribute to a remarkable individual who, through his military exploits and patriotic spirit, was an embodiment of valor and bravery.