Bronze Code: 436
Height: 10.6 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 8.4 LBs


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The White Nights bronze monument, a miniaturized rendition of the renowned Pushkin statue found in the Tver City Garden, enables you to bring a piece of Russian history and culture into your home or office. Designed by the talented Komov, the statue captures the essence of Russia's great poet, Pushkin, immortalizing him during an evening of contemplative repose. The figure transports you to that tranquil moment when Pushkin paused to savor the beauty of the white night.

Initially unveiled in May 1974 to commemorate the 175th birth anniversary of Pushkin, this masterful composition has now been resized and meticulously recrafted in nearly 4kg of pure bronze. Standing majestically at 30 cm, this statue bears remarkable similarity to the original. It finely details Pushkin's relaxed stance, his hand casually resting against the metal bars of a fence as he revels in the serenity of his surroundings.

Despite his relaxed demeanor, this miniature masterpiece captures Pushkin's resolute character. Adorned in a long frock coat and a top hat with an almaviva cloak draped over his right arm, the figure resonates with the era's distinguished elegance. Pushkin's gaze, which seems to look into the limitless horizon, adds depth and captures his visionary spirit.

Whether you're an aficionado of Russian literature, a history enthusiast, or an appreciator of meticulous craftsmanship, this copy of the Pushkin monument is a timeless celebration of a cultural icon that enriches any display space. Let the 'White Nights' miniature statue of Pushkin inspire your imagination, just as Pushkin's words continue to inspire generations.