Bronze Code: 386
Height: 9.1 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 3.1 LBs


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Discover the Chopin Model 1867, a truly invaluable piece for art lovers and history enthusiasts alike. The centerpiece of this offering is a bust replica painstakingly crafted in the foundry workshops of Felix Chopin, venerable 'bronze magician' of France and Russia, and an appointed supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty. Unveiling the rich and vivid facets of Russian history and culture, this bust bears the inscription 'Peter III' on its base and comes with the distinguished markings/authentication 'F.CHOPIN' and 'DEPARTURE OF M.F. 1867 FOR 10 YEARS' on its back side.

The Chopin Model 1867, originating from St. Petersburg, Russia bears testament to Felix Chopin's exquisite craftsmanship and deep passion for his work. His unique inspiration derived from the marble busts created by the renowned Italian sculptor A. Penna back in 1840. Although Penna's portrayals of Russian tsars and princes lacked authentic similarity due to his absence from Russia, Felix Chopin was thoroughly enthralled by the idea.

He embarked on a remarkable journey, culminating in his introduction of a series of 63 busts of Russian rulers at an exhibition nine years later. In 1867, he introduced smaller versions of these royal busts at an international event in Paris. This transition from large busts to smaller, cabinet sculptures proved particularly successful, making these pieces widely sought after for their unique quality, similarity, and indisputable artistry.

Elevate your collection with the Chopin Model 1867 and immerse yourself in the beauty and rich history of Russian artistry. This bust stands as a testament to Felix Chopin's unparalleled craftsmanship, representing a remarkable turning point in the tales of historical art. Embellished with the signature of F. Chopin himself, this piece exudes authenticity and charisma, making it an unmissable piece in any collection.