Bronze Code: 393
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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We are delighted to introduce you to a reduced and more affordable version of Chopin's 1868 series representing Russian tsars. Referred to as the 'bronze magician', Felix Chopin (1813-1892) showcased his mastery in French and Russian casting as an official supplier to the Court of his Imperial Majesty.

An esteemed artist in his time, Chopin held a unique fascination for the grandeur and magnificence of Russia's regal history. It was the lifelike marble busts of Russian tsars and royal princes, skilfully crafted by Italian sculptor A. Penna, that initially stirred Chopin's imagination. Despite Penna never setting foot on Russian soil and his marble creations being more fiction than fact in resemblance, Chopin was intrigued and inspired.

Chopin's zeal manifested in the spectacle he exhibited in 1849 when he presented an astonishing collection of 63 life-sized representations of Russian rulers. This audacious display captured the imaginations of a wide audience. However, Chopin did not stop there. Realizing the immense potential in a more accessible form of his work, he miniaturized his busts into beautifully detailed cabinet sculptures. This smaller format was first showcased at an international exhibition in Paris and became an instant hit.

Following the acclaim of his smaller creations, the 'bronze magician' continued his saga with these small yet striking representations of Russian royalty. Drawing from his artistic prowess and profound observation, Chopin's magically realistic miniatures brought the regal aura of the royal court within the reach of art aficionados around the world.

Explore Chopin's impressive series of Russian tsar busts - an intricate work of art reflecting the captivating history of Russian monarchs, made more approachable with this smaller and budget-friendlier version.