Bronze Code: 381
Height: 9.1 In
Width: 4.7 In
Weight: 2.4 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the world of immaculate artistry with our beautiful piece – the Model 1868 bust crafted by renowned bronze magician, Felix Chopin. This exquisite work of art hails from the famous F. Chopin factory based in the heart of cultural Russia, St. Petersburg dating back to 1868. The piece carries an authentic 'F.CHOPIN' signature on the reverse in addition to a state-of-the-art round stamp that reads 'M.f. 1868 DEPARTURE FOR 10 YEARS'. This signature styling is the mark of true Chopin craftsmanship and is beloved by art connoisseurs globally.

Characterized by Chopin’s extraordinary attention to detail, the bust has a delicate inscription 'Pavel' on its sturdy base, making it an intriguing and worthwhile addition to any art collection. This particular piece is a testament to Chopin's affinity for creating busts of Russian rulers, with each one holding a special place in his prolific collection of works. His intricate detailing and realistic representation set his work apart from others in his field.

Borne out of a fascination sparked in 1840 by Italian sculptor A. Penna's marble busts, Chopin kick-started his line of Russian rulers' busts. Penna never made it to Russia, so his creations were imaginatively interpretive. However, the idea appealed to Chopin who then created his line of distinctively realistic busts. In a significant exhibition, Chopin unveiled an impressive collection of 63 life-sized busts of Russian rulers.

Years later, he downsized to present a range of smaller versions in an international exhibition in Paris. This astute transition broadened the busts' appeal as they transitioned into being part of the 'cabinet sculpture' genre. This smaller avatar of royal busts found instant appeal and was in demand, further augmenting Chopin's prestige. Appreciate the transformational journey of art with this specialized piece that combines the charm and history of Russia's rulers with the exceptional craftsmanship of Felix Chopin.