Bronze Code: 479
Height: 4.3 In
Width: 2.4 In
Weight: 0.6 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the historical magnificence of Russia with the Bust of Nicholas is a noteworthy part of a unique series that reflects the grandeur and respectability of Russian tsars and princes. This small bust, ingeniously cast in Russia, is a testament to both rich historical heritage and masterful craftsmanship.

The Bust of Nicholas I is striking in its attention to detail and its adherence to a consistent style across the series. The visual appeal is undeniable as it enables a glimpse into the unique personality of the Emperor and autocrat of all the Russias Nicholas I. Navigated through the tumultuous years of the mid-nineteenth century, his reign carries a wealth of stories and history that this bust seeks to embody.

The majesty of this piece does not only lie in its historical representation but also in the quality of its construction. Dedicatedly crafted within Russia, the home of the subjects it represents, the craftsmanship of this piece speaks for itself. Well made and detailed, each one is a celebration of the nation's storied past, honoring the legacy of its leaders. The busts are also compact, making them the perfect objects of historical display that can fit into any home or collection without requiring large amounts of space.

Whether you are a history enthusiast, a collector of fine arts, or a Russophile, these busts promise a taste of Russian heritage like no other. Each piece not only represents a specific individual but is also a symbol of a timelined narrative of Russia's royal scenarios. Small in size, grand in stature - such is the charm of the Bust of Nicholas I and its companion pieces in the series.