Bronze Code: 392
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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We proudly introduce the reduced Chopin series of Russian tsars, a unique blend of remarkable history and excellent craftsmanship. This series, a more compact and budget-conscious option, offers an exceptional opportunity to own a piece of artistic and historical significance right in your very home or office.

The man behind these extraordinary creations is Felix Chopin. An eminent figure known as the 'Bronze Magician,' he was a French and Russian caster and an appointed supplier to His Imperial Majesty's Court. However, it was his captivating busts of Russian rulers that held a special niche in his extensive repertoire of works.

In 1840, Chopin chanced upon marble busts crafted by Italian sculptor A. Penna. Although Penna never set foot in Russia, he managed to sculpt busts of Russian tsars and princes. Despite the abstract resemblance to the actual historical figures, Chopin felt an affinity towards the concept of forming a series of busts based on this concept.

Almost a decade later, Chopin showcased an impressive collection of 63 busts of Russian rulers at an exhibition. He had intricately designed and executed these busts in their full size. Unveiling smaller versions of these majestic royal busts a decade and a half later at the international exhibition in Paris, Chopin demonstrated a comprehensive understanding of market demands. This strategic move solely moved these busts into the sphere of popular cabinet sculpture, rapidly growing their demand.

Thus, this 'Model 1868' reduced series is a testament to Felix Chopin's outstanding artistic capabilities and his prowess in capturing intricate details and the regal essence of Russian rulers. Owning a piece from this collection is more than possessing an item of decor; it's cherishing a slice of rich history and artistry.