Bronze Code: 387
Height: 9.4 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 3.5 LBs


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Introducing a unique artifact that holds a significant place in history: the Chopin 1868 Model Bust, meticulously crafted in the heart of Russia, St. Petersburg, at the renowned F. Chopin Factory. This replica of the original Chopin's bust, with its exceptionally striking resemblance and supreme quality, is an unparalleled gem for any art connoisseur and history enthusiast.

The author of this extraordinary work is Felix Chopin (1813-1892), colloquially known as the 'Bronze Magician.' Having served as a caster and supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty, Chopin's contributions to history and art are immensely noteworthy. Among his diverse collection, busts of Russian rulers occupied a special niche and are acclaimed for their exceptional craftsmanship.

Chopin's journey with the busts began intriguingly. In 1840 he came across marble busts crafted by the Italian sculptor A. Penna. Despite Penna's busts of Russian tsars and princes lacking actual resemblance due to his inability to visit Russia, Chopin was greatly inspired. This led him on a venture where he created an extensive series of busts depicting Russian rulers. These full-sized busts, 63 in total, were revealed at an exhibition nine years later.

Following this, Chopin masterfully created smaller versions of these royal busts, which were showcased at an international exhibition in Paris fifteen years later. This strategic transition to smaller, cabinet sculptures significantly increased their demand, thereby setting a new standard in the realm of sculptural art.

The replica of the Chopin's Bust carries an authentic signature: 'F.CHOPIN' and is graced with a round stamp - 'M.F. 1868 FOR 10 YEARS.' Furthermore, the inscription 'Catherine I' etched onto the base adds a touch of regality, showcasing Chopin's meticulous attention to details and his tremendous respect for Russian rulers.