Bronze Code: 350
Height: 9.6 In
Width: 6.3 In
Weight: 3.3 LBs


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Unearth history and the fascination of craftsmanship with this genuine, high quality Chopin Model 1867 bust made in the renowned F. Chopin factory in Russia's St. Petersburg. This exquisite piece of workmanship pays homage to one of the most enigmatic rulers, Alexander II, incredibly enlightening for Russian imperial history buffs as well as collectors of exclusive artistic works.

This highly detailed sculpture is a fine example of the competence and adroitness of Felix Chopin, an esteemed French and Russian caster often referred to as the 'bronze magician' for his unparalleled proficiency in creating lifelike bronze models. A historically significant piece, the bust carries the signature of F. Chopin on its back along with the stamp 'DEPARTURE OF M.F. 1867 FOR 10 YEARS', offering a rich snippet of its journey over the centuries.

All fans of antique Russian sculptures, especially those interested in Chopin's work, will value this astonishing item. The bust is a smaller cabinet version reminiscent of those presented at an international exhibition in Paris, which makes it accessible for collectors. Despite the reduction in size, there's no compromise on the subtlety in details and quality. This bust is indeed a replica but its detailed articulation has almost made it a twin of its larger counterparts, making it unique in quality and similarity.

Chopin's discovery of the Italian sculptor A. Penna's marble bust series sparked his interest in sculpting busts of Russian rulers. Even though Penna's busts were not precisely representative of the rulers due to his lack of exposure to Russian royalty, Chopin appreciated and adopted the concept, creating a series that accurately depicted the likeness of Russian tsars and princes. This model 1867, a miniature yet exact replica of his full-sized busts, embodies Chopin's passion and genius, making it an invaluable asset for any art aficionado.