Bronze Code: 358
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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Introducing the reduced yet budget-friendly model from Chopin's unique collection portraying Russian Tsars. This high-quality, affordable artistic representation brings a sense of regality and timelessness to your home or office. As a legendary 'Bronze Magician', Felix Chopin (1813-1892) was a renowned French and Russian caster and a recognized supplier for the Court of His Imperial Majesty.

Chopin had a distinguished focus on creating intricately detailed busts of Russian emperors, pushing him to etch a singular spot in the art industry. His journey with bust sculpting commenced in 1840 when he discovered the works of A. Penna, an Italian sculptor who crafted marble busts. Though Penna's creations lacked the physical likeness to the Russian royal family due to his absence in Russia, they inspired Chopin to spawn a similar concept.

In 1849, he unveiled his remarkable collection of life-sized busts at an exhibition, presenting an impressive range of 63 sculptures of Russian rulers. These illustrious pieces of art brandish the exquisite craftsmanship and precision imbued by Chopin. A decade and a half later, Chopin launched miniatures of the exceptionally large sculptures at an international function in Paris, marking another milestone in his career. His effective transition from creating life-sized busts to scaled-down versions received immense applause and recognition.

Rising to the status of notable cabinet sculptures, these miniature versions garnered significant demand, thus helping Chopin expand his buyer base and making art more accessible and affordable. Now, we present to you, model 1868, a more compact yet captivating variant of Chopin's original collection, featuring the same attention to detail and artistic flair.