Bronze Code: 321
Height: 5.3 In
Width: 4.1 In
Weight: 2 LBs


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Introducing an incredibly well-crafted, large, weighty, and high-quality bust portraying Ivan Nikitovich Kozhedub. For those unfamiliar with this celebrated figure, Kozhedub (1920-1991) was a world-renowned ace pilot during World War II with the notable achievement of being the most effective pilot of the anti-Hitler coalition in the same war. In his remarkable 800-day wartime tenure, Kozhedub made records by engaging in 120 air battles, bringing down an astounding total of 64 enemy aircraft. Acclaimed with a Hero of the Soviet Union title thrice, he remained invincible throughout the war, an extraordinary feat that continues to inspire admiration.

What's even more astounding about Kozhedub was his dedication to the Air Force that persisted even after the war ended. He continued his engagement as an active pilot while also mastering the MiG-15 jet fighter, a testament to his unparalleled skills and earnest commitment to service. As a graduate of the prestigious Red Banner Air Force Academy, Kozhedub was also awarded the esteemed military rank of Air Marshal in 1985, cementing his legacy as a stalwart of the Soviet Union's aviation history.

As a fitting tribute to this legendary figure, our Kozhedub bust is designed meticulously, with an emphasis on reflecting the determined spirit and valor that Kozhedub embodied. This excellent quality bust is a prized collectible, ideal for history enthusiasts, militaria collectors, or anyone looking for a distinctive piece to enrich their collection. Embrace this chance to treasure a piece of history that pays homage to one of the most impactful personalities of World War II Era.