Bronze Code: 400
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 2.5 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the aesthetics of the past with our meticulously styled series of vintage busts. Styled after the robust and traditional Soviet design, these antique-inspired statues are more than just decor – they represent a historical era, a symbol of power from a revolutionary time in world history. These weighty busts have been deliberately and roughly sculpted to transfer the inevitable spirit of the era and its leaders.

One such remarkable leader we have featured is Lazar Moiseevich Kaganovich (1893-1991), a powerful statesman known for his close association with Stalin. Kaganovich was an economic and party leader who held a significant place in Stalin's Soviet Union. One of the two or three Jews who managed to remain in power through the Stalinist period, he represents a unique angle of this integral period of history.

Our figurines, each an embodiment of historical majesty, carry the obvious heft of legacy. The sculptures are aesthetically competent and historic treasures that pay homage to an influential era. They are crafted by expert hands with a dedicate commitment to preserving historical accuracy. Whether you're a fan of vintage style or a history enthusiast, our series of antique-stylized busts are perfect to add a touch of vintage flair to your decor.