Bronze Code: 279
Height: 4.5 In
Width: 2.2 In
Weight: 0.8 LBs


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Welcome to the exquisite world of artisanal craftsmanship by renowned artist Sokolov. We offer a timeless masterpiece, a superb bronze bust, created in 1973 and dedicated exclusively to the persona of Felix Edmundovich. The piece stands out with its remarkable quality of bronze, revealing the skills and talent of Sokolov. A cherished character of history is brought to life with this high-end artifact, making it a unique addition to any refined collection.

The Sokolov's 1973 model is crafted with attention to detail, setting it apart from similar creations. The bust, slightly larger than its analogs and heavier, is breathtaking. Its distinct proportions add to its magnificence, completing its elegant appeal. It's the physical manifestation of the perfect balance between size, weight, and form, designed to captivate and engage.

This bust reflects the artist's careful consideration of even the smallest aspect, amplified by its superb bronze quality. The intricacies and subtleties in the depiction are testament to Sokolov’s talent, the result of which is a highly detailed facial expressivity of Felix Edmundovich. The intricate lines, expertly chiseled features, and finely detailed accessories are all testament to this testament.

The higher weight of this bust also highlights the exceptional quantity of high-quality bronze used, making it not just a purchase, but an investment. This unique piece, immortalizing Felix Edmundovich in bronze, is a timeless representation of the unmatched artistry of Sokolov, making it a must-have for admirers of exceptional craftsmanship and history.