Bronze Code: 282
Height: 4.3 In
Width: 2.2 In
Weight: 0.7 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the rich history of a notable Soviet figure with our exquisite bust of Felix Edmundovich, sculpted with impeccable attention to detail by the renowned Soviet sculptor Sokolov. A small yet imposing artifact that certainly leaves a profound impact on its surroundings. Additionally, conserving the essence of Soviet aesthetics in a unique and tangible form, this piece is definitely a testimony to the artist's skill and time's purview.

Constituting an excellent choice for a gift, this affordable bust holds special significance for those associated with the FSB and the Interior Ministry. To current employees, it acts as a source of inspiration, a reminder of the ideals that ought to be upheld, the courage and resolve that one must emulate. For veterans, it is a nostalgic piece, a keepsake of their invaluable service, resplendent with memories, tales of bravery, and a sense of irrefutable honor. This inexpensive bust is a dignified gift choice that speaks volumes of shared history and respect.

Immaculately chiseled by Sokolov, a Soviet sculptor of great repute, this bust of Felix Edmundovich is not just a silent observer of history. Its beauty lies in the subtle nuances and a detailed rendering that brings to life an era, a notable personality. An array of textures, from the soft folds of clothing to the stern expression, Sokolov's statue is a superb representation of Soviet artistry.

This product is a must-have artifact for history aficionados, Soviet era enthusiasts, and veterans. Its small size allows it to be placed effortlessly in an office, a home study, or a living room, effectively transforming the space with its understated dignity. Coupled with its affordable price, this product is an invaluable addition to your collection or the perfect thoughtful gift for a cherished individual.