Bronze Code: 391
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 3.5 In
Weight: 1.1 LBs


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We take great pleasure in introducing the Chopin Reduced series of Russian Tsars, a unique collection of miniature royal busts, proof of the aesthetic sensibility and superior craftsmanship of Felix Chopin, a French and Russian caster lauded as the 'bronze magician'. Revered for his intricate creations, Chopin was a respected supplier to the Court of His Imperial Majesty, a testament to his exceptional artistry.

Born in 1813, Felix Chopin enjoyed a fruitful career spanning several decades, distinguished by the execution of phenomenal bronze work. A critical turning point in Chopin's career came in the year 1840 when he chanced upon a collection of marble busts of Russian tsars and princes crafted by Italian sculptor A. Penna. Despite the figures' limited resemblance to their historical counterparts, Chopin found inspiration in Penna's creations, thereby laying the groundwork for his own expansive portfolio of Russian royal busts.

In 1849, Chopin brought forth an impressive array of 63 full-sized busts of Russian rulers at an exhibition. Such was the intrigue and admiration evoked by these busts that Chopin undertook the task of creating miniature versions of the same, marking a pivotal transition from large to smaller-sized busts. These smaller replicas, a part of Chopin's 1867 model series, were introduced at an international exhibition in Paris, where they caught the fancy of art and history enthusiasts alike.

The smaller sized busts not only allowed for versatility in terms of space requirements but also catered to a broader audience through their economic viability. Today, these unique sculptures of the Russian tsars from the Chopin Reduced series resonate with the artist's commitment to detail, aesthetics, and affordability and are considered a valuable addition to any art collection.