Bronze Code: 327
Height: 5.9 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 2.9 LBs


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Sourced from the reputable LHF (Literary and Artistic Foundation), we present our 'Model of the Year 1955' - an authentic piece of historical Soviet art. Born in an era embracing propagandistic expressions, this impressive statuette is more than just a figurine, it's a captivating token of the past.

In the Soviet period, vast importance was attributed to propaganda posters, their images of Soviet individuals becoming identifiable symbols across global borders. Our gloriously crafted statuette, a representation of this cultural phenomenon, is evidence of this intense focus on societal images.

Recognizable Soviet propaganda poster models were constructed in small-scale series, formed in exquisite bronze. This 'Model of the Year 1955', a splendid exemplar, was one of these special creations. The statuette is characterized by its remarkable size and volume, distinguishing it from typical small-scale models.

A masterpiece in bronze, this unique artifact of Soviet history emanates a mesmerizing charisma, making it an ideal acquisition for aficionados of vintage collectibles, specialist artifacts, or Soviet-era survivors. With its powerful aesthetics and historical significance, this sculptural piece stands as a beacon of a fascinating epoch.

Steeped in history and carrying a legacy of a significant societal era, acquiring this beautifully crafted piece is synonymous with owning a tangible part of the illustrious Soviet past. Dive into the captivating charms of vintage Soviet art and add depth to your collection with our 'Model of the Year 1955'.