Bronze Code: 128
Height: 13.8 In
Width: 7.9 In
Weight: 10.8 LBs


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A remarkable homage to the enigmatic Assyrian Queen Semiramis, our meticulously crafted 27cm bust celebrates her legendary life and reign. Known for her cunning, treachery, and impassioned spirit, Semiramis is perhaps best remembered for her audacious betrayal of her husband—which allowed her to ascend to the ancient Assyrian throne. Her rule—lone and unflinching—was a rarity in the context of the Ancient East, echoing a powerful message of feminine strength and resolve.

The Semiramis Bust offers a captivating glimpse into the queen's reign, her establishment of the legendary city of Babylon, and the subsequent construction of the Hanging Gardens of Semiramis, considered the second wonder of the world. Built by a king who captured Babylon two centuries after Semiramis' death, these gardens are a testament to her enduring influence and the myths that came to shroud her name.

Intricately crafted, this bust embodies the allure and grace often associated with Oriental women. The feminine features are painstakingly etched to reveal a picture of alluring beauty and mystery. The Semiramis bust, further adorned with a hand-applied green patina on the queen's exquisite hair and clothes, adds a touch of elegance and luxury. This detail, along with the painstaking craftsmanship, transforms this product into a stunning work of art that not only recounts a legendary tale but also adds a distinctive character to your home.