Bronze Code: 12
Height: 6.9 In
Width: 2.6 In
Weight: 1.5 LBs


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Delve into the compelling world of the 19th-century French arts with the stunning statuette carefully sculpted by the celebrated French artist, Devoranne. This intricately designed statuette not only serves as an exquisite example of his deft craftsmanship but also stands as a testament to the harsh realities of a working-class life in the previous era.

Devoranne, a renowned French sculptor from the nineteenth century, masterfully depicts the life of an everyday working-class merchant. He manages to convey a story through every precise curve and detail. From the hunched posture suggesting tireless years of hard labour to the kind eyes mirroring a spirit unbroken; the statuette is a picture of endurance and perseverance.

The motif of an elderly street vendor brilliantly captures the essence of a humble life, replete with struggles, rewards, and the colourful experiences of selling wares in the streets. In this statuette, Devoranne has encapsulated the light and shadows of a worker's existence, immortalizing the spirit of the everyday man.

Besides being a magnificent piece of art, this statuette carries a secondary utility. Designed thoughtfully, it can function as a pencil holder and an ashtray while adding an artistic elegance to your decor. Its practical yet stylish design makes it a multifaceted addition to your home or office.

Whether you are an art connoisseur, a history enthusiast, or someone with an eye for unique items, this Devoranne's statuette'll undoubtedly impress. By adorning your space with this creation, you're not only embracing a piece of art but also a slice of historical life, narrated by the silent lips of an aged, kindly merchant.