Bronze Code: 229
Height: 14.6 In
Width: 11.8 In
Weight: 12.8 LBs


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Dive into the enchanting realm of marine fantasies with our 'Sea Fairy racing on Fish' sculpture. This exceptional work of art stems from the expert hands of seasoned European sculptors, exhibiting a distinct blend of intricacy and grace, unique in its complexity. Exuding an unrivalled charm, the figurine epitomizes an exquisite portrayal of a sea fairy embarking on an adventurous fish race.

Meticulously carved, this figurine is replete with stunning details. Spellbinding in its design, it features an abundant ensemble of characters intertwined in a compelling visual narrative. With an uncanny knack for arresting attention, the statue is astounding in its lifelike details, capturing the mysterious allure of aquatic life.

Additionally, the sculpture's size sets it apart. Standing tall at 37cm and weighing nearly 6kg, it's an imposing masterpiece that adds a stroke of the extraordinary to whichever part of your home or office it graces. The intricate details and grandeur of this statue make it impossible to overlook.

What makes this sculpture even more remarkable is its potential as a thoughtful gift. Especially for those with a fondness for the sea or profession in seafaring, it stands as a poignant reminder of the ocean's magical allure and boundless mystery. A perfect token of appreciation or love for the valiant sailors in your life.