Bronze Code: 244
Height: 11.4 In
Width: 5.1 In
Weight: 5.1 LBs


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Step into the timeless beauty and enchanting mysticism of the Astrological world with this captivating collection of bronze Zodiac sculptures by Christel Marott. Celebrated fashion designer and gifted sculptor, Marott has masterfully personified the twelve celestial signs in a blend of sensual style, innocence, and decadence, a signature creative feat that brings these Zodiac symbols to life.

In collaboration with the renowned Royal Copenhagen porcelain factory of Denmark, Marott breathed life into her sculpture of the Libra, a timeless depiction of elegance, charm and diplomatic finesse. Ideally embodying the traits of a Libra, this bronze figure encapsulates their comprehensive worldview, ability to consider every situation from various angles, and their unyielding pursuit for harmony.

The Libra, as portrayed by Marott, seems to mesmerize with its magnetism, pulling you gently but powerfully into her world. Her subtly lowered gaze paired with an open posture subtly communicates her amiable nature, gently eliciting an inescapable smile from the observer. One look at the playful, yet mysterious and modest figure and you're urged to ponder, what will tip the scales?

The unique combination of Christel Marott's artistic genius, coupled with the exceptional craftsmanship of Royal Copenhagen, transforms a simple piece of bronze into a tangible sense of the enigmatic beauty, the Libra exudes. This bronze figurine is more than just a stunning piece of home decor; it's an artistic expression of the gentle subtlety, charismatic charms, and diplomatic finesse that the Libra sign in the Zodiac is revered for.