Bronze Code: 68
Height: 16.5 In
Width: 10.6 In
Weight: 7.8 LBs


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A.Titze is an extraordinary Austrian sculptor, renowned for his exceptional artistic talents that are deeply rooted in the theatrical world. His masterpieces boast the mesmerizing depiction of personalities discovered in theatres, musicals, and particularly the glittering world of actresses and dancers of his time's grand stages. His sculptures brilliantly capture the glamour of the period's costumes, making a deliberate emphasis on the intricate details of femininely beautiful cuffs and collars.

His Harlequin sculpture is a tasteful representation of the diversity of human emotions and unpredictability of life. The figure embodies a cheerful and naive persona, yet its undertones dramatically contrast with the sorrow and hardship endured by the character. Despite its deceptive simplicity, the skiing harlequin manages to touch a chord, making one sympathetic towards the figurine's unspoken plight. The enormously vivid and memorable image of Harlequin is nothing short of perfection and will make a wonderful addition to your collection, whether you're a dedicated art collector or an amateurs.

Scaled at 42cm and weighing 3.5 kg, this large sculpture by A.Titze makes for a significant piece of furniture. Crafted with precision, the sculpture has the power to transform your space, adding an artistic touch that's hard to overlook. An unforgettable gift for connoisseurs of fine arts or a spectacular addition to your interior, A.Titze's creation is undoubtedly something that cherishes extraordinary love for theater and sculptures.