Bronze Code: 29
Height: 13 In
Width: 5.9 In
Weight: 8 LBs


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Recollect the tales of Mowgli all over again with this distinctive figurine, meticulously sculpted by the talented 19th-century French artist L. Potet. Best known for his animal representations, Loys Potet (1866 and onward) was famed for crafting meticulously detailed individual animal sketches and sculptural setups integrating humans and animals alike.

A master of his craft, Potet skillfully breathed life into inanimate material, creating sculptures dancing on the fine line between reality and art. This remarkable Mowgli figurine is a testament to Potet's talent and imagination. Predating the popular Soviet cartoon, this figurine provides an early visual interpretation of Mowgli's tale, adding a new dimension to understand and appreciate this classic story.

Handcrafted under the scrutinizing gaze of Potet himself, every single detail in this figurine showcases the artist's dedication towards his craft. Potet embodied his profound respect for the animal kingdom in his work, creating compositions that reflect both the raw intensity and tender beauty of nature. This particular piece is a stunning culmination of detailed craftsmanship, timeless design, and a masterful storytelling prowess that remains relevant even today.

As a centerpiece in your collection, Potet's Mowgli figurine is more than just a sculpture; it's a storytelling artifact conveying chapters of history, art, and literature. Acquire it today and cherish the timeless charm and artistic mastery immortalized in this stunning piece. Celebrate L. Potet, celebrate Mowgli, and above all, celebrate the enchanting calling of the wild with this magnificent artwork.