Bronze Code: 127
Height: 10.2 In
Width: 4.3 In
Weight: 5.1 LBs


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Ancient female beauty, an enduring source of inspiration for creators throughout history, comes to life vividly through the works of A. Carrier. For centuries, painters and sculptors have immortalized the captivating allure of women in a variety of forms; from portraits of cherished loved ones to radiant depictions of noble personalities. A. Carrier, in a true ode to feminine beauty, offers us a teasing glimpse at his captivating muse, Sophie Croisette, in this striking portrayal of a fashionista.

Albert-Ernest Carrier de Belleuse (1824 - 1887), known professionally as Carrier-Belleuse, was a pupil of renowned French sculptor, David Angersky. Honing his craft under Angersky at the esteemed School of Fine Arts in Paris, Carrier-Belleuse effortlessly embodied the finesse and intricacy of sculpting into his works. His initial masterpieces graced the Paris Salon in 1851, paving the path for his eventual rise as one of the most sought-after sculptors in Paris.

Carrier- Belleuse's progressive career trajectory took a historic turn when he became Napoleon III's preferred sculptor, further substantiating his stronghold in the world of art and sculpture. His extraordinary talent and contribution to the field earned him France's most prestigious award, the Legion of Honor in 1867. In his later years, Carrier-Belleuse passed on his gifted skills to the next generation of artists as the artistic director of the Sevres Porcelain Manufactory. Among his star pupils, Auguste Rodin and Mathurin Moreau later emerged as eminent figures in the sculpture world.

Carrier-Belleuse’s powerful legacy echoes through his intricately crafted masterpieces, each echoing the profound sensitivity and finesse of their creator. His work, particularly his Portrait of a Fashionista, stands as a tribute to the enduring captivating beauty of women and the artists’ perpetual aspiration to capture it.