Bronze Code: 131
Height: 10.6 In
Width: 4.9 In
Weight: 5.1 LBs


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Reviving a timeless reflection of beauty, we present to you a captivating work from the oeuvre of Albert-Ernest Carrier de Belleuse, an esteemed French sculptor and painter. The portrait features the engrossing charm of Sophie Croisette, Belleuse's favored muse, demonstrating the artist's exquisite skills and signature style. Born in 1824 and having thrived in the world of art till 1887, Belleuse is primarily renowned for his exceptional detailing that vividly brings his art to life.

As an art enthusiast, you probably value the rich history and the unique stories behind every masterpiece. This portrait exemplifies the sophisticated tradition of art that blossomed in 19th Century Paris, under the tutelage of stalwarts like David Angersky. Belleuse's tryst with art was seeded at none other than the highly reputed Paris School of Fine Arts, fostering refined aesthetics evident in every stroke.

Belleuse debuted at the celebrated Paris Salon in 1851, his work resonating grandeur that quickly propelled him to popularity. Over the years, Belleuse elevated to much fame, ultimately becoming a beloved sculptor for Napoleon III. His marvelous creations earned him the Legion of Honor in 1867, an esteemed recognition that marked France's pride over his artistic contribution.

The artistic journey of Belleuse reached a significant milestone in 1876 when he took over the reins as the art director of the prestigious Sevres Porcelain Manufactory. Apart from his personal growth as an artist, Belleuse played an imperative role in shaping future art luminaries such as Auguste Rodin and Mathurin Moreau, highlighting his influence beyond his own creations.