Bronze Code: 146
Height: 12 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 7.1 LBs


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Delve into the world of exquisite craftsmanship with this magnificent rural plot by celebrated artist C. Demeure. Perfect for enhancing the decor of your country house, this unique piece of artistry imbibes a rustic charisma that fills your abode with homeliness and warmth.

Immerse yourselves in the unique ambience that the rural plot brings. Its distinct design, intricately-detailed features, and carefully selected materials reflect C. Demeure's unwavering attention to detail and appreciation for the simpleness and beauty of the countryside.

The rural plot evokes an authentic rural vibe, capturing the charm and tranquility of the countryside. It serves as an excellent statement piece for your country house, bringing an embodiment of the slow-paced, serene rustic life into your modern living space.

The product stands out with its highly detailed miniature landscapes, potentially transforming your interior space into a beautiful rural setting. Inspired by landscapes filled with woven willow fences, traditional country houses, and breezy cornflower meadows, the rural plot allures the viewers with its enchanting appeal.

With C. Demeure's artistic prowess behind it, the rural plot represents a harmonious blend of meticulous craftsmanship and rural charm. It is beautifully detailed, handcrafted with the utmost care, and imbued with a rich, natural color palette that effortlessly resonates with the country aesthetic.

C. Demeure excels at making stories come alive and this rural plot is no exception. It's not just a decorative piece- it's a timeless symbol of the pastoral way of life that admirably captures the heart and soul of the countryside. Invest in this treasured piece now to instill your country house with heritage, serenity, and timeless appeal!