Bronze Code: 185
Height: 8.7 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 8.8 LBs


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Delight in the unique charm and intricacy of this exceptional work of art, skillfully crafted by the accomplished French sculptor, E. Tuno. This arresting original composition captures the beauty and elegance of the female form in its most natural state.

The centerpiece features a strikingly beautiful, nude woman, gracefully lounging on a man's arm. Displaying an air of relaxation and contentment, the woman's form exudes an innocent allure that is captivating and intriguing. A testament to the universal admiration of the female body's aesthetic beauty, this composition is both alluring and tastefully done.

In contrast to the woman's serene beauty is the man's weathered arm - another masterpiece in its own right. Each wrinkle, each bump is intricately and meticulously detailed, depicting a realistic portrayal of a man's natural ruggedness. This duality of soft femininity and rough masculinity strikes a profound balance, resonating with the tale of two distinct yet complementary beings.

A proud follower of the naturalistic and neoclassical traditions, E. Tuno (1824-1919) is credited with creating some of the most iconic sculptures of the 19th century. The richness of his style, characterized by detailed precision and realism, combined with his unique interpretation of the human form, gives his works a timeless quality that continues to enchant art enthusiasts globally.

Experience the visual wonderment of one of Tuno's proud oeuvres and immerse yourself into the story that each wrinkle, each contour of this masterpiece subtly narrates. No lover of high-quality sculpture art should pass up the opportunity to admire, or possibly own, such a remarkable display of artistic prowess and thematic depth.

Discover the unspoken beauty and raw narrative of E. Tuno's original composition and celebrate a tangible piece of the rich heritage of French Neoclassicism and Naturalism today!