Bronze Code: 49
Height: 10.2 In
Width: 3.1 In
Weight: 1.8 LBs


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A scintillating artifact of art, the masterpiece is a beautiful representation by the renowned author, Demetre H. Chiparus, a history-making pillar in the world of Art Deco style. Born in 1886 and having etched his character in engraving until 1947, Chiparus stands as a symbol of pioneering delicacy in the visual arts, turning every piece into a spectacle of stunning beauty. Famous for his series portraying dancers and the enchanting women of his era, this work is an emblem of his trademark style.

Recognized as one of the supreme entities of the Art Deco style, Chiparus intricately married every piece to life with his immaculate craftsmanship. His works are a vivid echo of his time, rendering an ethereal beauty of the dancers and the fashion in that period. Beyond merely decorative pieces, they serve as narrative timelines capturing the aesthetic essence of decennia.

The pulsating feminine strength is unmissable in the sculpture crafted by the expert Chiparus; it is this raw, undeterred energy that has the impossible ability to bewitch men, often leaving them in reverie. The slender, elegantly stretching girl elevates femininity, effortlessly blending with the backdrop marked with striking Art Deco motifs, encapsulating the quintessential spirit of the era.

The flamboyant nature of the artists isn’t amiss in this splendid work of art. The impeccable detailing and lifelike portrayals strike a chord of nostalgia and reverence. This sculpture is sure to be a precious add-on, adding an unmistakable aura of heritage and classiness to one's collection.