Bronze Code: 191
Height: 6.3 In
Width: 9.1 In
Weight: 2.9 LBs


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Dive into the captivating world of fine art with the masterwork of Jean Patoue, the unequivocal genius renowned for his small, meticulously detailed sculptures. An aesthetic marvel crafted by Jean Pato in the early 20th century, this decorative sculpture integrates seamlessly with your elegant home decor. Cast in white, this statue exudes a sense of tranquillity fit for any space, making it an ideal conversation piece for any art enthusiast or collector.

This tastefully designed sculpture captivates observers with its unique setting. Unlike conventional sculptures, Jean Patoue's artwork is ideally perched at the edge of a shelf, reminiscent of the playful unpredictability of everyday life. The clever arrangement creates a delightful visual of a blanket cascading downwards, beautifully contrasted by the girl's feet playfully dangling above.

What sets this sculpture apart is the exquisite detailing that embodies Jean Patoue's commitment to his craft. The French artist, famed for his exceptional mastery of miniature sculptures, lends an unmatched realism to this figurine. From the perfectly outlined fingers and toes to the well-defined facial features, the result is a flawless replication of the female anatomy. The staggering attention to detail manifests Patoue's remarkable skill and passion, making this piece a stand-out addition to any art collection.

Jean Patot, one of the defining sculptors of his generation, was dedicated to capturing the minutest of details in his works. This sculpture is no exception. Enrich your living space with the timelessness of Patoue's artistic brilliance, as he intertwines intricate detailing with a uniquely mesmerizing scenario. This enchanting artwork is not only a testament to Patoue's exceptional craftsmanship but also a delightful homage to the beauty of the female form.