Bronze Code: 204
Height: 13 In
Width: 9.4 In
Weight: 11.7 LBs


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We proudly introduce the captivating series of human image sculptures, intricately crafted by the world-renowned master, Salvador Dali. As a profound Spanish painter, sculptor, and director, Dali (1904 - 1989) captivated the art world with his distinctive style and imaginative creativity. His unyielding desire to break away from the norm and challenge the status quo was a driving force behind his innovative and thought-provoking masterpieces.

Salvador Dali, a bright luminary in the realm of surrealism, was praised not only for his efficacious painting prowess but was also a celebrated sculptor. He uniquely crafted his astonishing figures from wax, adding a striking dimension to his pieces. One such fan of his wax creations was the avid collector, Isidre Klot. Captivated by the unusual nature of Dali's craft, Klot opted to transform these into enduring bronze sculptures. These bronze incarnations, an embodiment of Dali's creative genius, received a riveting response from the global art fraternity, transforming the world of artistic expression.

The astounding creativity and imagination manifesting in Dali's sculptures led to them being upscaled. Today, magnified versions of his works can be seen adorning museums and sprucing up city squares worldwide. Dali's sculptures, an ode to his exceptional talent, continue to be a source of inspiration and awe in the art world. Experience the allure of Dali’s creativity with this mesmerizing sculpture series, a testament to the depth and brilliance of the great master himself.