Bronze Code: 144
Height: 13.4 In
Width: 4.5 In
Weight: 6.4 LBs


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Dive into the world of timeless art with this exquisite statuette by the renowned French sculptor, Albert-Ernest Carrier. Known for his impeccable craftsmanship and intricate detailing, Carrier, born in 1824 and a protégé of David de Angers at the School of Fine Arts, has arguably been one of the brightest luminaries in the sphere of fine arts. He marks a towering presence in the French sculpture scene, only second to the likes of Auguste Rodin, who served as his assistant from 1864 to 1870.

This elegant sculpture, part of a pair composition, 'Fisherwoman with trophies' and 'Huntress with trophies', skillfully encapsulates two enduring male fascinations. It introduces the viewer to an adorable young girl, adorning the pelts of her hunting victories, wielding her tools in one hand while proudly displaying her hunted ducks in the other. Rendered with utmost precision and realism, this art piece serves as a testament to Carrier's remarkable ability to capture the human spirit and its assorted range of emotions through his creations.

Far from an ordinary gift, this statuette makes for an excellent choice for those passionate about hunting, art collectors, or anyone who appreciates beautiful artistry. Beyond its visual appeal, it brings with it a rich legacy and history, making it an attractive addition to any art collection, office space, or living room. Embrace the opportunity to own a piece that resonates the brilliance of an acclaimed French sculptor like Carrier, and let it spark conversations and intrigue every time it gets a viewer.