Bronze Code: 2
Height: 6.7 In
Width: 8.7 In
Weight: 6.2 LBs


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The unique and captivating 'La faneuse' or the 'Hay Mill', was created in 1911 by renowned twentieth-century French sculptor, author Henri Bouchard. This striking artwork, a masterpiece from Bouchard's illustrious portfolio, now proudly resides in the Camille Claudel Museum in France.

Henri Bouchard (1875 - 1960), a prodigy of his time, majored in the art of realism. Celebrated for his profound body of work that includes monumental monuments, reliefs, busts, tombstones, statues, and decorative elements, Bouchard indeed left an indelible footprint in the landscape of European sculptural art. Drawing inspiration from quotidian life around him, Bouchard encapsulated the raw and robust essence of workers, artisans, and peasants in his work; 'La faneuse' is a testament to this.

Bearing medium dimensions of 17x22, this desktop statuette serves as a perfect embellishment for the interiors of a countrified house. Its palpable sense of delicate charm and rusticism transports one right into the heart of serene rural France. Bouchard's realistic portrayal of a hay mill blends seamlessly with the country-style decor, lending an authentic touch of timeless provincial allure.

Steeped in realism, every single detail of 'La faneuse' echoes Bouchard's commitment to observational precision and his dedication to 'realism in art'. As the viewers get intrigued by the embedded narrative, they find it hard to bid adieu to the rustic charisma of 'La faneuse'. Be it a connoisseur of art or a country house owner seeking aesthetic embellishments, anyone would find this statuette of 'La faneuse' an irresistible addition to their collection.