Bronze Code: 572
Height: 11 In
Width: 7.1 In
Weight: 11 LBs


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Immerse yourself in the sophisticated world of art with this extraordinary European Sculptor masterpiece. This intricately crafted artwork boasts of the anonymous author's intimate attention to detail, embedded in the genetic blueprint of the French Bulldog sculpture. The artist's signature may be undecipherable, but the exceptional craftsmanship stands as a testament to the mastery of the sculptor.

The noteworthy feature of this sculpture is the depiction of intelligent eyes, tinged with a hint of melancholy, that exudes warmth and endears it to audiences. It's rare to find an art piece that effectively captures the characteristic features, right down to the detailed relief of the muzzle, skin folds, fur texture, and the breed's trademark bat ears. This painstaking prescription truly distinguishes this sculpture on a pedestal.

Considered a large piece at 28 cm and weighing 5 kg, it commands attention and adds an aesthetic charm to any space it inhabits. The dignified pose of this canine breed strikes an imposing presence, making it a captivating sight for both French Bulldog enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

The embodiment of muted elegance, this sculpture transcends being merely an ornamental addition to your surroundings. It stands as a beautiful reflection of the artist's vision, portraiture skills, and inherent passion for the art. Unravel this European Sculptor's language of creativity with this French Bulldog sculpture, an ideal gift for aficionados of fine art and canine breeds.