Bronze Code: 612
Height: 6.7 In
Width: 10.6 In
Weight: 7.7 LBs


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Inspired by the recent European fashion trend for humorous and delightfully plump figures, this extraordinary piece of furniture strikes an immediate chord of fascination with its unique flair. This magnificent furniture-sculpture, with its pronounced dimensions and captivating allure, is a convergence of innovative design and unusual aesthetics. Standing at a noticeable height of 27cm, the furniture stands as a prominent figure in any location it graces.

Bearing the mark of a skilled hand, the sculpture is adorned in a beautiful, verdant patina that enhances its aesthetic appeal. The hand patination process not only reveals an artistic touch, but also gives the piece an eye-catching green hue. This finish allows the furniture to effortlessly become the centerpiece of any room, drawing attention and spurring conversation.

Sourced from Europe, where the popularity of fat, humorous characters in the realm of art and design is at its peak, this furniture piece infuses a sense of joviality and charm. The craftsmanship reveals a great deal about the artistic excellence of the European artists, making it a coveted piece for art enthusiasts and trend-savvy individuals alike.

Whether you place it in a residential setting or a commercial one, this furniture-sculpture is bound to infuse the space with a unique ambiance and artistic charm. Its meticulously handcrafted design, alluring green patina, and humorous presence make it an artwork that takes the center stage, drawing everyone's attention to its distinctive quirkiness.