Bronze Code: 570
Height: 7.1 In
Width: 5.5 In
Weight: 4.1 LBs


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Experience a masterpiece of animal sculpture from the renowned French artist, Charles Valton. S. Valton, as he is widely acknowledged, astoundingly captures the distinct characteristics of the breed he portrays. With meticulous precision, the artist skillfully prescribes the breathtaking relief of the body, muscle tones, and the aggressive grin, strikingly unique to each breed.

Charles Valton (1851-1918), born and raised in France, was a student of the celebrated founders of the French school of animalistic plastics, Antoine Louis Bari and Emmanuel Fremier. Both of these pioneers had a profound influence on Valton's style, shaping him to become one of the most revered animal sculptors of his generation.

Valton's reputation as a master sculptor grew while he was an active exhibitor at the prestigious Paris Salons from 1868 to 1914. His creations were an astounding reflection of his talent and attention to detail.

In 1883, Valton was honored with the title of Professor of Sculpture, an homage to his skills and contribution to French sculpture. His talents continued to be recognized and in 1906 he was awarded the Legion of Honor for his remarkable artistic achievements.

As a proud owner of a Charles Valton masterpiece, you will not only have a piece of incredible craftsmanship and aesthetic pleasure but also a significant part of French art history, deeply connected with the origins of animalistic plastics.