Bronze Code: 643
Height: 7.5 In
Width: 12.2 In
Weight: 4.6 LBs


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This artwork, crafted by renowned European sculptors, is a testament to the intricate detailing that embodies the spirit of traditional European sculpture. Each piece invites you to marvel at the dignified artistry mirrored in every little element. This particular sculpture boasts an unparalleled attention to minute aspects that make it stand apart. Every centimeter of the sculpture bears a mark of masterful attention, shared by the legacy of our celebrated European sculptors.

The intricate representation of the plumage, tail, and paws are painstakingly sketched, thus bringing the sculpture to life. The superior craftsmanship doesn't stop at the exterior, but maps the soul of the sculpture. The uncanny resemblance to the real form harmonizes with the distinct artistic styling mastered by the creator. This sculpture stands as a testimony to the revered craftsmanship and the traditional art forms of Europe.

Arm yourself with one of the most quintessential creations by our master sculptors. A great asset to your collection, this also makes an excellent gift for hunters, wildlife enthusiasts, and admirers of sculpture art. The elegance of this piece lies in its ability to recreate a holistic wilderness experience. It’s more than just a statue, it’s a piece of European heritage that carries the might and grace of its theme.