Bronze Code: 804
Height: 13.2 In
Width: 9.8 In
Weight: 6.6 LBs


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Introducing one of our best-selling products - the ‘Wrinkled Elephant’ figurine. Distinguished by its superb price-quality ratio, this piece is a must-have for any connoisseur of fine art and animal enthusiasts alike. Meticulously crafted from almost 3kg of pure bronze, it speaks volumes of the craftsmanship involved in its creation. There is no stone stand included, making it an authentic all-bronze marvel.

This striking piece of décor is available in two endearing colors - lustrous gold and earthy brown. These color options ensure that the ‘Wrinkled Elephant’ seamlessly fits into any interior design palette, making it a versatile decoration choice for your home, office, or any other setting.

What sets the ‘Wrinkled Elephant’ apart from the crowd is its intricate detailing, paying particular homage to the elephant’s textured skin. Every crease and wrinkle has been diligently represented, earning it the name ‘Wrinkled’. The uncanny representation of an elephant’s skin makes this product not just a figurine, but a testament to the realism and attention to detail infused into its design.

The allure of this bronze beast lies not only in its price-quality appeal, but also in its bewitching charm that grows on you the longer it graces your space. Its substantial weight lends a comforting steadiness, echoing the reliable and grounded nature of the majestic animal it represents. The ‘Wrinkled Elephant’ is more than just a product - it’s a style statement for your space and an embodiment of your sophisticated taste.