Bronze Code: 600
Height: 2.6 In
Width: 3.9 In
Weight: 0.3 LBs


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Savor the artistry that hails from historic European craftsmanship. Put an exclamation point to your décor style with an exquisite figurine from the renowned Franz Bergmann factory, a benchmark brand of unparalleled quality and heritage. With the signature "Liter" elegantly stamped on its base, this highly sought-after piece is an ode to the timeless charm of the Viennese bronze genre, encapsulating a unique blend of passion, precision, and prodigious talent.

Viennese bronze is a captivating genre of sculptural miniature. Each hand-painted figurine signifies a journey into a mesmerizing world of vivid detailing and precise craftsmanship. Bursting with charm and life, these miniatures announce the genius of their creators, adding a layer of depth to their surroundings and elevating spaces in a manner few art pieces can.

What sets this Franz Bergmann masterpiece apart is its supreme dedication to the finer aspects of creation. Special attention is given to the meticulous details of this figurine, where every villi and each strand of hair on the dog's body is faithfully inscribed. This unparalleled precision highlights the luminous appeal of the artifact, inviting eyes to explore its intriguing facets and storytelling charm.

The Franz Bergmann factory has been synonymous with superior Austrian patrimonial craftsmanship for decades. It has reigned supreme among art connoisseurs and curators, making a Bergmann original a cherished acquisition for any art collector. This 'in a jug' statuette is no exception, proudly brandishing its magnificent roots again.