Bronze Code: 583
Height: 12.6 In
Width: 15 In
Weight: 21.6 LBs


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This extraordinary sculpture is a true testament to the artist's ability to capture the essence of an animal in stunning detail. Crafted meticulously, this radiant sculpture stands as a breath-taking depiction of the animal world, displaying the finest of details that make it an absolute marvel to behold. The artistry of this sculpture can't go unnoticed, as it has been executed at the highest level, echoing the distinct, characteristic features of the animal with incredible precision.

The splendid statuette is large, towering at 38 cm in length. Its vigorous structure is due to it being made from pure bronze. This attractive antique sculpture, weighing almost 10 kg, has a robust, heavy makeup. This weight, combined with its vast size, ensures that it's a substantial piece, making it a stalwart addition to your home, or any space it adorns.

Beyond its vivid physical structure, its beauty lies in its illustrative details captured in bronze, with every crease, fold, and texture of the animal captured in stunning detail. Each feature meticulously sculpted to echo the animal's authentic appearance, making it almost tangible. The bronze lends a timeless appeal to the sculpted figure, enhancing its aesthetic allure by many folds.

While captivating the viewers with its mesmerizing charm, this sculpture holds a unique charisma that goes beyond its exterior. It is more than just a piece of art – its grandiose presence commands attention, making it a perfect center of attraction. This mesmerizing piece speaks volumes about the artist's love for nature and his expertise in sculpting, making the sculpture exceptionally valuable.

Position it in your lounge, study, or even your office, and watch as viewers are entranced by its beauty. Crafted to perfection, the 10 kg bronze sculpture is an ideal gift for art enthusiasts, collectors, and nature lovers alike. Simply put, this exclusive, high-end sculpture is an emblem of exemplary craftsmanship that brings your space alive with its striking presence.