Bronze Code: 694
Height: 7.9 In
Width: 15.7 In
Weight: 7.1 LBs


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The impressive Bronze Running Lion Statuette is more than just a home decor piece; it is a magnificent example of intricate craftsmanship fused with the striking beauty of art, meticulously handcrafted to showcase the king of the jungle in all its glory. Each detail on the statuette, from the athletic prowess to the muscular tone, is painstakingly etched out to bring an almost lifelike representation of a dynamic and powerful lion in motion. Its rich bronze tone enhances its stately appeal making it a perfect centerpiece that effortlessly blends style, elegance, and sophistication.

Symbolizing power, nobility, and majesty, this bronze lion statuette is a testament to the exceptional taste & artistry of the sculptor. From the flowing mane to the razor-sharp teeth seen in the expansive mouth, every feature exudes the raw, wild force of this majestic jungle beast. This masterfully crafted piece adds great aesthetic value to any living room, office, or upscale space, making it a coveted addition to any art collection.

Expertly finished to ensure durability, the running lion figurine is a lifelong investment that requires minimal maintenance. Despite its detailed workmanship and considerable size, it is surprisingly portable, enabling its placement to be easily adjusted to suit various settings. The quality of the bronze and the craftsmanship ensures this statuette endures, maintaining its splendor while creating a strong visual impact. From its stylistic allure to its symbolic significance, this product is the finest gift that represents courage, power, and beauty.